Analysis Of 'The Red Umbrella And Band-Aid For 800 Children'

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I´m comparing The Red Umbrella by Christina Diaz Gonzalez and “Band-Aid for 800 Children” by Eli Sastow and the common subject in the texts is a sacrifice. There are many similar techniques they use but there are other techniques that are different. The following are some similarities that show sacrifice between the texts The Red Umbrella by Christina Diaz Gonzalez and “Band-Aid for 800 Children” by Eli Sastow. One similarity is they both have a point of view of how Lucy’s thoughts are always with Me or My shown in the text like ¨My head seemed to nod on its own, without any instruction from me¨. Also from Nora Sandigos point of view since she 's the only person who expresses her feeling and speaks throughout the text like “Dios Mio,” she says, my God, because these are not just things she hopes to get done but things she needs to get done — things she is in fact legally responsible for doing”. How this shows sacrifice is Lucy accepts her fate to leave her family for the better even if she really doesn’t and Nora Sandigo shows sacrifice from being forced to do all that work and wasting her life. The second similarity is the dialogue shown in the two texts through papa saying “Your mother and I have decided …” Papá walked over and put his arm on Mamá’s shoulder. She sat frozen in place. “We’ve made plans for you to leave Cuba … tomorrow”. Nora indigos says “Every child is also a job”. This shows sacrifice from the dad having to send away his kids to another country to save
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