Analysis Of The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost

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Manthan Yadav
Kanika Dang
English thesis paper
5 November 2015 Robert Frost
Robert Frost uses vivid imagery and metaphor to depict different human emotions in“The Road Not Taken’’ and ‘’Fire and Ice.”
As a poet, Robert frost was greatly influenced by the emotions and events of everyday life. Within a seemingly banal event from a normal day—watching the ice weigh down the branches of a birch tree, mending the stones of a wall, mowing a field of hay—Frost discerned a deeper meaning, a metaphysical expression of a larger theme such as love, hate, or conflict.
Frost is perhaps most famous for being a pastoral poet in terms of the subject of everyday life. Many of his most famous poems are inspired by the natural world, particularly his time spent as a poultry farmer in New Hampshire. Ironically, until his adulthood in New England, Frost was primarily a “city boy” who spent nearly all of his time in an urban environment. It is possibly because of his late introduction to the rural side of New England that Frost became so intrigued by the natural world.
“The Road Not Taken“ is an essential implication of the poem which deals with choices in life. Every day we face numerous situations in which decisions must be made—some small, relatively insignificant decisions and other, large decisions that may affect the rest of our lives. But with either type of choice, minor or major, we come across two possibilities or roads,
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