The Robber Bridegroom Summary

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Analysis of The Robber Bridegroom The Robber Bridegroom is a fairy tale written by Eudora Welty in 1942. Eudora’s story is based on the original The Robber Bridegroom by Grimm Brothers. The story is about the life of Rosamond, a beautiful woman who was raised by an evil step mother after the death of the r mother. The novel opens with Mike Fink meeting the robber Jamie Lockhart, who later on kidnapped Rosamond. As it progresses, it follows another character, Clement Musgrove to his home where he stays with his second wife Salome and Daughter Rosamond. After Rosamond was kidnapped by the robber Jamie Lockhart, they both fall in love with each other. Despite all the misunderstandings and incidents in the story, Welty’s story ends up with a happy marriage between Rosamond and Jamie and the evil Salome is destroyed. Welty presents evil in the family through the character of Salome, Rosamond’s step mother.
The story takes place in the Southern United States where a beautiful merchant’s daughter is stolen by a thief who is the bridegroom in the story. The main character is affected by the setting because, she finds herself being brought up by a wicked step mother and she cannot do anything about it. However, as the story ends the setting changes as Rosamond is able to live a happy life with Jamie away from her step mother evil plans.

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Every character in this story relates to the Mississippi folklore whereby the author blends the culture with fantasy. Musgrove represents a father who has to be the head of the family and take care of the wife and daughter. On the other hand, the step mother presents evil in the family, but as the story ends, evil is replaced with good. Additionally, Rosamond presents a daughter who has to obey his father and even her step mother irrespective of the harsh treatment she gets from
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