Analysis Of The Rocking Horse Winner And The Horse Dealer's Daughter

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The Stories the Rocking Horse Winner and The Horse Dealer’s Daughter is written by D.H Lawrence. Both the stories are short and incorporates element of the fable and fairy tale and stories have similar idea that is having financial problem in the family. Lawrence portray Paul boy as main character in the rocking horse winner and Mabel women as main character in horse dealer’s daughter. Lawrence by portraying different gender in the two stories he want to show inequality of gender role, in the rocking horse he describe Paul as a boy as independent and kind hearted whereas in the horse dealer’s daughter Laerence portray Mabel as independent and selfish women. In the rocking horse winner D. H Lawrence describes Paul’s character as kind-hearted…show more content…
Even though Paul is innocent child, who is unknown to financial problem. He hops to solve the problem after knowing that his mother is not satisfies with his father earning. “Oh! Will you? And is father not lucky ‘very un lucky, I should say”, Lawrence (P,26). The dialogue between Paul and his mother is mainly about luck and how a person can get money if such a person is lucky. Once his mother tells him about his father luck, he became obsess with finding luck. Paul step in and fill his father shoe which is also represented to Oedipus complex “desire to replace his father in his mother's life” Freud, (1999). To show his parent that he is independent, “he went off by himself vaguely, in a childish way seeking for the clue to luck absorbed taking no heed of other people”, Lawrence (25). Paul without help of his parent, he works very hard to find luck by himself. With lot of research at the end he found technique how to find his luck. Since he is very young for him to work and help his family, he use different technique to earn money for his family. His technique to earn money is “betting on the horse racing” with the help of his “rocking horse” in the nursery. He become fixated and anxious at providing more and more money to for his mother without realizing he is just a child and should not be responsible for such thing. At the end the horse he bet win and he earn “five thousand pound”, without keeping himself for penny he give all money to his mother, “Paul at the other suggestion, hand over five thousand pound to his uncle who deposited it with the family lawyer, which sum was to be paid out a thousand pound at the time on the mother birthday” Paul became responsible to his family thought he is very young. This is the point where Lawrence show how Paul as independent boy in the story rocking

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