Analysis Of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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With the debate in the rearview mirror, the TV remote can take a much needed rest and return to regularly scheduled broadcasting. Besides the typical political specials and the lead up to the actual election, the focus of television programming will be on programs. Music to your ears, right? ‘Superstore’ mascot eats people? NBC’s hilarious sitcom The “Superstore” sitcom on NBS is sidesplitting funny. If you’ve ever gone into a Walmart or big department store and asked yourself how to employees deal with outrageous customers, then this is the show you need to be watching. As a super fan, I just wish I could be a customer at this store (I’d even bring my list from home) as I would love to eavesdrop on this crew. Which brings me to the “Superstore” mascot. It’s hilarious on so many levels and this week the mascot shared a little love online. Catch “Superstore” on Thursday night at 8 p.m.…show more content…
Tonight on FOX viewers can enjoy “The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let 's Do the Time Warp Again” special. Reviews of the show are calling it an energetic redo of the 1975 musical and an update of the 1975 original. Fans of the idea are excited to get a chance to see a new version with a contemporary spin. If you find yourself drawn to this fun show (either the classic or the new version) pop yourself some popcorn and find yourself a comfy spot for tonight’s program starting at 8

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