Analysis Of The SPENT Game

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The game SPENT is a simulation that goes day by day giving you options of spending money. After playing the SPENT game I realized the difficulties that came with poverty and the tough decisions that came along with it. The essay discusses articles about race, gender, and poverty and the sociological concepts that relate them to today 's society. In today 's society we have attitudes towards race and gender that we might think are natural, but really history shows us that we created these attitudes. Many reasons for discrimination today come from made up beliefs such as the value of whiteness, religious beliefs, and attitudes created by humans. While playing the SPENT simulation I was under very high stress making decisions even though…show more content…
Ehrenreich enters the workforce as a divorced mother who has experience as a homemaker. She soon realizes the very same tough decision making that I had experienced while playing SPENT. Ehrenreich had to go for the cheapest housing, the longest and most expensive transportation, and had to work stressful, boring, and repetitive jobs. Not only do jobs like waitressing barely make money, they create low self esteem which sends you into a cycle of physical and mental costs that go along with…show more content…
But, around this time the elites realized that the African and European slaves would rebel against those who were higher up. This rebellion caused the Elite to “teach whites the value of whiteness” which divided power by race and started the inequality in race we have in The United States today. From then on laws were put in place to punish blacks like taking away their rights to own property, guns, and access to white women. The transition forced blacks to lose more and more power, they could not learn to read, write, or get a skilled job. Soon, whiteness itself was considered an advantage to make landless whites feel more inclined to treat blacks as lessers. One of the largest racials divides was created by the fact that the whites owned so much property and blacks could not own property. As we learned in class you can work hard but the money comes from income producing property. Over the past few hundred years race has become more of a divide and now whites have a natural advantage in today 's society. Although blacks can become successful whites still hold most powerful positions and are more likely to not hire a black person because of idea that naturally predispositioned in their mind. People of society are judged based on cultural capital, like dispositions and cultural goods, and this gets in the way of more important factors like degree,
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