Analysis Of The Sanctuary Of School By Brent Staples

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Would you be happy if you had received an A in your class? Do you feel that you truly learned enough to deserve that perfect A? Students who are in either high school or college are forgetting the true meaning of having knowledge and being able to learn. People think that how well they perform in the classroom will justify how well the teacher teaches their students but necessary that might not always be that way. In Brent Staples piece, “Why Colleges Shower their Students with A’s”, he argues that there must be an end to the grade Inflation and continues by examining for a possible solution by using language techniques to emphasize the main point. He mentions, “Some departments shower students with A’s to fill poorly attended courses that might otherwise be canceled” (Staples 1065). Staples piece comes across as formal, but also has a purpose of the making both a precise idea and credible point to his readers that they might be effected as well as colleges that the essay refers to. Staple focuses…show more content…
She says, “…in an overcrowded and unhappy home, it’s incredibly easy for any child to slip away. The high levels of frustration, depression and anger in my house made my brother and me invisible” (Barry 857). Barry describes how throughout her early life she learned how to cope with her situation of being neglected by her own parents. She mentions that she would always go to school a couple of hours earlier to play on the playground and talk with the janitor at the school. For Barry, school was where she would feel secure and it would help her escape from all that she went through at home. Opposite from Staples essay, Barry essays explains how people who come from a family who struggles with financial issues appreciate what they have and those who are have a higher income are just desperate for
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