Analysis Of The Screwtape Letters By C. S. Lewis

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I have traveled far and wide to be here today. Do you know why I am here? To teach you about the devils that haunt the world. Many say that the demons of the netherworld cannot exist as science would have discovered them by now. Others say that even if evil spirits existed, they would not care because they control their own lives and can protect themselves. These people are very foolish and ignorant of the truth. However, there are some who have revealed the truth. Namely, C.S. Lewis. So let us take a trip into his books. Shall we? First off, let me make you familiar with The Screwtape Letters. Authored by C.S. Lewis, this book offers a new view of the universe from letters of advice written by Screwtape, a very experienced demon, to his…show more content…
Luckily, Our Father Above showed C.S. Lewis how he could write about the many schemes of the devil and his minions. Unfortunately, the Enemy is very sly, and he will try to convince you to believe that the things in the book simply cannot be true. You all, the humans, must not be deceived by this lie. The next time that a voice pops into your head and tries to make you believe that this book is not true, cast him out. After you realize that this book is valid testimony and that it contains so much truth in it, and after you actually read it, you must change. No, I don’t mean change your clothes, I mean change on the inside. To do that, you have to be willing to change and you must try. You must do more than just read this book, you have to learn from it. Then, not only do you have to learn from the book, but you must apply what you have learned to your life. Yes, it is hard, but do not give up. In conclusion, I have shared with you a valuable life-lesson that you humans will need in the fight for your soul. Like I just said, things will get difficult. Very challenging times await the ones who run this race, but in the end, it will have been worth it all. Do not give in! Do not stop running! Those who stop not only forfeit the prize at the finish line but also worsen their eternal punishment. If you ever need a hand to help you, then call Our Father
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