Analysis Of The Secret Annex By Elie Wiesel

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There was a group of people who were Jews and lived in the Secret Annex. Mr.Frank built the Annex and his family, he had two daughters named Anne and Margot. They had to live in this place because of a dictator named Hitler.They went into hiding on July 6, 1942.They are joined by four other people that are hiding because they were jews too.Mr.Frank is the one that lets all the people join his annex. Mr.Frank never thought about saving his own family but also cared about other people too.Mr.Frank was so nice that he let one more person join also. Courage is someone who enables a person to face a difficulty .Mr.Frank shows courage by letting strangers that he did not know of into the Annex. He sacrificed his own family by allowing…show more content…
Mr.Frank shows compassion by letting people join the Annex. Mr.Frank was concerned about other people so he let them join. Mr.Frank was really nice to let random people join his hideout. He could have just told no one and keep his family safe. He had compassion by allowing people that were suffering to join his Annex. Sacrifice is the "act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy".Mr.Frank sacrificed by giving up everything and allowing people who were strangers and saving them.These people who were jews and had no idea who they were how they acted.He gave up his hideout the built for his family and let random strangers into his Annex.This Annex was only for his family and only his family but Mr.Frank was nice to let other people join his Annex. In conclusion, the story I would not be able to do what Mr.Frank did and have all the traits.Mr.Frank was a smart and respectful man. He was able to overcome the obstacles and protect his family for two years.I would fall apart in the war and would have given up a long time ago.He was scared but he never showed that he was scared.He was sad but never showed that he was sad.Mr.Frank was the one that held the eight people in the Annex stay alive for two

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