Analysis Of The Secret Garden And Pollyanna

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‘The secret Garden’ and ‘Pollyanna’ though written by two different authors namely Frances Hodgson Burnett and Eleanor Emily Hodgman Porter of which the former was published in the year 1910 and the latter in the year 1913 are American Novels and chiefly belong to the twentieth century. There are similar elements that makes the analysis on the texts interesting and worth interpreting.
The two novels taken under study, revolve around the theme of the ‘innocence of childhood. ‘But one ought to understand what the word “childhood” means. It generally refers to a distinct period of human life but one must know how long childhood lasts. Many psychologists and Children’s Studies specialists have emitted an opinion on the subject and they have come to the conclusion that “childhood” is a complex term. Most have agreed that it refers to a set of experiences and behaviours, characteristic for the earlier part of our lives, meant to prepare one for adulthood and active life.
Orphan heroes and heroines are familiar characters in children’s literature, particularly in the fiction of the nineteenth and early twentieth century, which is also reflected in these novels. The Secret Garden begins with the lines: “When Mary Lennox was sent to Misselthwaite Manor to live with her uncle.” Her father had held a position under the English Government and was stationed in India where Mary was born there but unfortunately cholera had swept off nearly the entire village including her

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