Analysis Of The Ship Pounding

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I always get nervous when reading poems because I am nervous that I will not completely understand the poems; however, I could understand these poems. What I learned from the poem titled, “Cancer Winter,” was that the doctor exclaimed “You’re cured,” the women felt the ache of her missing breast (Salcman and Collier, 2015). The doctor quickly jumped in to explain how exciting the cancer was gone, but having your breast remove is a big transition and can take some time to get use too. It appears she was feeling mixed emotions about having the cancer gone, but adjusting to her new reality. In a poem titled, “Mammogram” accounts a women’s experience with the possible chance of having breast cancer (Salcman and Collier, 2015). Once she finds out the there is no cancer, the reader understands the instant relief she feels (Salcman and Collier, 2015). In “The Ship Pounding,” the perspective is from a family member/caregiver to Jane and speaks about the harsh reality of caring for a loved one (Levine, 2014). The reality of treatment, multiple caregivers at the hospital, leaving the hospital, and having to do it all over again is related to ship working overtime in one location, but never getting to reach a destination or travel (Levine, 2014). In the poem, “The Sick Wife,” it speaks about how difficult it is for a person lose strength and see everyone around you partaking in everyday activities the person use to do, especially for this young person in the poem (Levine, 2014). Each
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