Analysis Of The Sloth By Theodore Roethke

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Bader Jamal
Ms. Lauren
Grade 10-m
November 28, 2016
The sloth
I will be analyzing the poem “the sloth” by Theodore Roethke. This poem is an organic poem it basically speaks about a sloth and describing him. In this essay I will be explaining the poem and talk about poetic devices, figurative language, the theme of the poem, and the imagery. Then I will link this poem to the learner profiles and to the global context.

This poem has four stanzas of three lines each stanza. Nearly every line in each stanza has the same length. The rhyme scheme in this poem is a,a,a b,b,b c,c,c d,d,d in each line in the stanza
The last three words rhyme with each other. The sloth is so lazy and he sets on the tree, when you ask him a question he acts as if he doesn’t know, but he thinks about it and then he acts like you herd what the answer was even though he is not speaking. I think that the main theme in this poem is that people these days are annoyed on how slowly things go so the author wants all his questions to be answered as fast as possible.

In the first stanza the writer mentions that the sloth has no peers. There is an image shown in line two and three in the first stanza. It says “you ask him something in his ear, he thinks for a year”.
(Roethke, the sloth). He is comparing the sloths thinking to some someone very slow it takes him along time to think. Peer, ear, year are three rhyming words in the first stanza. There is an assonance (ear, year) line two and three. Then we
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