Analysis Of The Song 'This Land Is Your Land' By Woody Guthrie

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Woody Guthrie was a poor man that enjoyed writing and sing songs to other poor people. Woody lived from July 14, 1912 until October 3, 1967. He grew up in Okemah, Oklahoma mainly with his mother because his father left when he was young. As Woody grew up, he loved music and ended up writing and singing songs for a living. He wrote “This Land is Your Land” at the age of 28, in the year 1940. He enjoyed his lifestyle because he loved to build people up and make them be more more cheerful and happy. Woody traveled a lot, but not by airplane or inside of a car or train. Woody would travel all over the United States on top of a number of trains. He didn’t have a house to live in or a family to go home to so at the age of 14 he would play music for the poor. Woody had hundreds of hits that made hundreds or maybe thousands of poor people feel positive. Woody Guthrie also had a very popular quote. The song and the quote are similar, and yet, they are different.

The quote talked about how a song shouldn’t have to make you feel that you aren’t worth something. He said that if you are too fat or too skinny or
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The quote states that if a song brings you down instead of encouraging and inspiring that that song shouldn’t even be worth anything. Also, the songs quote that you should be able to go from the east coast to the west coast without having a problem. The quote talks about him going out to fight those negative songs and make sure that they don’t make you think that you’re less than how much you are.

In conclusion, Woody Guthrie had a huge impact on many people’s lives. He always told people that the songs that he sings and writes should make them think more of themselves and that he loves inspiring people. Woody Guthrie’s statement had a large influence. The quote talked about no matter who you are and what you do that you aren’t any more or any less than any rich or poor
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