Analysis Of The Souls Of Black Folks By W. E. B. Du Bois

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W.E.B. Du Bois on “The Souls of Black Folks” Success is something that every person want to achieve in life because everyone love the taste of winning. However, not every each and individual person can accomplish success in every attempts because there will always be the times of winning and the time of losing. Our society is built on the principle of generalized competition that every aspect of life is a game. One must engage at a personal level that every other person is a competitor or potential competitor because competition is generalized to most parts of society. For instance, sports, economics, justice, politics, group communications and personal relationships, which all together have a major impact on our lives, that there must always…show more content…
The book exposed the material causes of racism at that time and explained the effects that racism has on black identity. He wanted to show his readers the ‘strange meaning of being black’. He believed, at the dawn of the twentieth century, that the laws and the society that had prevented blacks from achieving equality in a post-slavery era would continue to pose a problem for black identity. He argued that, as a result of this, blacks and whites in the United States were separated by a ‘color line’. Du Bois’ book pioneered a related concept. He believed that the ‘color line’ did more than deny blacks fair access to jobs, education and opportunity. It actually weighed so heavily on their souls that it prevented them from achieving their potential as human beings. He used the term ‘the veil’ to describe the way in which racism made it hard for whites to see blacks as true Americans and for blacks to see themselves in anything other than the way they were portrayed by whites. Finally, Du Bois wrote of the ‘double consciousness’ produced by wearing ‘a veil’ the split identity that blacks feel as they attempt to be both American and African, in a white society where one identity is less equal than the other. We can understand ‘double consciousness’ better if we compare it to a work-life balance scenario. For instance, there is a woman with two identities. She is both a full-time single mother and a full-time company executive. Both roles are both part of her reality. But they often overlap and create anguish in her daily

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