Analysis Of The Spell Of The Sensuous By Peter Singer

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When people think of the environment they think of many things. To some, the environment could mean nature while others may consider it to be an entire ecosystem. In the book, “The Spell of the Sensuous,” philosopher David Abram discusses how humanity needs to reconnect with the environment and that the solution is to reduce our use of technology. He believes that once we are one with the environment, we can then proceed to treat it correctly and fix our mistakes. In the book, “Animal Liberation” the author, Peter Singer, defines “speciesism” and how animals and humans should be considered equally due to the fact that they both feel pleasure and pain. Singer’s focus is more towards the way we should treat animals and feels that they should…show more content…
Abram believes environmental ethics is about becoming one with the earth through learning more about it and implementing that knowledge through volunteering or a career. This relates to Singer because Abram is telling the reader to educate themselves not just about the earth or plants, but about animals as well. By better understanding animals and how they behave we can better consider their interests and therefore value their lives more. This will also help improve animals’ quality of life because as we improve the earth we will also be restoring habitats and become more considerate of animals. Abram also discusses how reducing our use of technology can help us renew our bond with the earth which can lead to an end to things like deforestation and poaching. By reducing our use of technology we will be more aware of how our actions affect other species and we can tailor our actions to benefit them rather than harm them. Singer’s statement of every species being considered equally can also extend to plants. While they do not experience suffering, they can be considered our equals to an extent. They are living organisms and do require certain things, like water and sunlight, to be kept alive. This means that we should treat plants with a certain amount of respect such as not cutting them all down or destroying environments for our benefit because plants are living and do benefit us in ways such as keeping animals alive and providing the world with
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