Spiral Of Silence Analysis

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The Spiral of Silence was imminent in the scene where it showed how the victims of the sexual abuse felt like they were the minority, hence, they did not dare to speak up about their abuse. According to a research done by Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann, the Spiral of Silence suggests that people would stay silent and not publicly voice their opinions should they feel that they are in the minority, and those that hold a majority viewpoint would be more likely to speak out. (West and Turner 411)

An example of Spiral of Silence showed in the movie was on how the sexual abuse of the minors by the priests was covered up and not investigated, this prevented the other victims of this abuse from speaking out about their abuse as they felt like they were
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In the movie, Spotlight, there were no voicing of opinions or reports on more than 90 over cases on the abuse due to the fact that the cases were not reported and the victims felt like they were in the minority and were afraid of sharing their stories. However, when The Boston Globe eventually reported on the case many people felt less afraid of to share their story as they saw more and more people reporting theirs. This shows a possible example of a reversal of the Spiral of Silence in this case because more people called in because the reports that were publicly published now make those victims a…show more content…
Objectivity refers to a commitment to truthfulness which is to “report factually accurate information”. It is also to “imply neutrality in a sense of fairness” which is to be “unbiased to a report in an event and to present different viewpoints even-handedly.” (Calcutt and Hammond
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