Analysis Of The Sports Gene By David Epstein

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Many people have strong beliefs as to what holds the power of our outcomes, but no one explains it better than Epstein and Gladwell. Both of these authors had very compelling stories about their stories and research about what they believe to control our outcomes. David Epstein 's story, "The Sports Gene," he talks about two very different high jump athletes that eventually meet up to have very similar outcomes. These athletes got to their destiny through very different processes and especially due to physical circumstances, and this is his point. Then, Malcom Gladwell has the story of "Outliers," and with his story, he talks about how people gain success and their outcomes through hard work and practice only. There was a very different use of resources, and how they portrayed their thinking. David Epstein makes a better standpoint and gives better reasoning than Malcom Gladwell on how much control we have over our destiny through the use of better analysis and delivery. To begin, the story on “Outliers” was still a very compelling piece of writing. To begin the story starts off by talking about experiment in which many kids were a part of to practice and experiment. These kids were set to practice a certain number of hours to test the different outcomes depending on how many hours or put in(Gladwell, 12). It is shown in the data that the kid to practice more became more successful with their insurance playing skills. The next piece of evidence that this source used was
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