Star Spangled Banner: A Necessary Analysis

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In the United States of America, its people know their right to speak up if they believe they want to make a point. All over the country, Americans would traditionally stand up as the national anthem played until a professional NFL player decided to kneel before it. Quickly the news spread and made people have different opinions on his actions as if whether it was disrespectful or a proper way to state something. I believe that taking a knee through the "Star Spangled Banner" is acceptable for two reasons; both because talking part of a silent protects in only Kaepernick 's form of exercising his constitutional right to say and because it draws awareness about how things within our country that still need to change.
Some people may see the
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According to Doc. A, "Not standing for the National Anthem is legal to form a protest, which is a first amendment right." This shows that what may be believed as disrespectful is actually legal by all terms of the constitution. Just another way of getting a message through, a message against social injustice. Another example is from Doc A when 35 veterans said, "that far from disrespecting our troops, there is no finer form of appreciation for our sacrifice than for Americans to enthusiastically express their freedom of speech." Moreover, to those who are against all positive reviews opinions, won’t consider the fact that even retired troop members support the messaging rights given to our citizens by its government. The U.S provides opportunities and there is no denying that we need to believe in good causes that will make an outstanding move and to understanding and learning of our own constitutional rights for what we…show more content…
In the Doc B. we see the definition of expression; "the process of making known one 's thoughts or beliefs." This demonstrates that their actions were just made to be acknowledged of because everyone her is open to their own opinion and therefore anyone making a protest is free to do so as long as they don 't go overboard and break a law. Additionally, in doc C we find that the people against the protest are visually racially divided, "that only 24% of white Americans support the 49ers quarterback ..." Just a few amounts of white Americans support this message. I believe that that comes from that fact that they may feel that their opinion is more valid with the skin color difference between the statistics. Getting angry towards a real issue upon the strong nation that we live in, to hold back just because of our skin colors the worst showing of hatred towards a protest started by an African American male. Separating ourselves like this is not brutally honest, just another excuse to see who can take more people on their side. Looking back at the wrong of our national government is important because the people who were killed did not choose to die for their country, rather their lives were taken by force from officers that either could have feared or respected because of the authority level of
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