The Stepford Wives Movie Analysis

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Trinidad, Arjan M. Reaction Paper (The Stepford Wives) Over the past years, standards for sexes, male or female, are still looking at stereotypes which pressure every sex to reach the high standards of every people. These standards are imposed on us in many different ways, sometimes, we don’t realize them. We evaluate people based on our own standards and judge them on how they look, act and behave. The movie “The Stepford Wives” talks about the issue regarding the standard of women by showing an indirect message based on their wives actions and behavior. Before the movie officially starts, its opening sequence already shows that the women are doing household chores. In my opinion, I thought that they’re maids doing household chores but I realized…show more content…
Bobbie shows the other type of independent modern wife, who has their own job but who has their own bad sides. She also shows the domination of wives to their husband. I noticed that she is more dominant to her husband not like we usually see. It shows a new standard for women that they could dominate their husbands and remove the stereotype of being a patriarchal traditional family. In my interpretation, the husband of Bobbie and the other husband from the Stepford village are experiencing being under by their wives that they decided to transform their wives into a remotable so that they can control them and they can be dominant. In contrasting Bobbie to Stepford wives, they are entirely different. The Stepford wives are designed to be perfect or almost perfect, which have a feminine behavior, perfect body shape, blonde hair, very responsible, caring and other stereotypes of being a perfect wife. While Bobbie is not a perfect wife because of her attitude, she is not feminine as the Stepford wives, she is also irresponsible who doesn’t do her duties as a wife like cleaning the house, taking good care of her husband, etc., she doesn’t have that perfect body we can say that she is a chubby person and she is not
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