Analysis Of The Story 'Killing Caesar' By Jon Herman

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In the story, “Killing Caesar,” by Jon Herman, different viewpoints are shown towards how others see Caesar as a leader. “To the people, Caesar was more god than man,” and, “He was too dangerous and tyranny must not stand,” show the two viewpoints: a tyrant or a hero. Julius Caesar is better known as a hero, even after some negative things he did. Caesar had great power as a ruler and had many achievements in Rome. He improved the life for each individual and proved to be a hero by has actions.
Julius Caesar made improvements to the Rome society to make it a superior place to live. Caesar helped the individuals of Rome live a better life seeing that he had intense power. A few improvements Caesar had were, “Sanitation, sewage, and food, all
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The other side believes he is cruel and tries to overrule everyone. In the story, the author writes, “He is too dangerous,” and that explains how Rome felt about Caesar as a ruler. The other side does not like that he gained all the power and tried to control everything. Although, Caesar is still a hero and proves himself to be one. Caesar made many improvements for the city of Rome because of his strong powers. Without his powers, Caesar would not have been able to do much. Caesar did gain an abundance of power since he also took the Senate’s power, but this doesn't make him a tyrant. He did what he had to do to rule Rome, making it a strong place to live. Caesar did what was best for the individuals to keep them safe. He wanted to be seen as a strong leader and one that did anything for his people. He did not try to overrule everyone. Caesar tried to help everyone and keep everyone safe in Rome. Caesar used his strong abilities and made the improvements that needed to be done. Nevertheless, Caesar was viewed more as a hero after his achievements since he did many impressive things, rather than destroying Rome.

“To the people, Caesar was more god than man,” and, “He was too dangerous and tyranny must not stand,” are shown to be two different viewpoints of Caesar. Caesar was viewed as a hero due to his great success as a ruler of Rome. Caesar had a ton of power and controlled many things for the good. He improved the sanitation, amount of jobs, and helped feed many who didn't always have food. “Caesar’s rule was a blessing,” proves he is a hero, and how the population of Rome felt about him as their
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