Analysis Of The Swimmer By S. J Butler

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The short story “The swimmer” is written by S.J Butler in 2011. The story is about a girl, who desires to swim her days off in the river. But something is preventing her from pursuing her wish. She has a fear of being seen by other people, and the fishermen could see her, if she decided to take a swim. On a hot day, she decides to conquer her fear of being seen, therefore she got ready and went for a swim in the river. Many days went by, and she got used to spending her days in the water, she got to unravel a curiosity for a “lokal” swan in the river. Both day and night she observed the swan and its movement, until she at last swam close enough to touch it. The theme of the story is concurring your fears, the main character in the story, takes us along, her journey on what happens to her, and how she slowly manages to get closer to the swan during her daily swims.

S.J Butler writes his short story in third person narrator “she is hot”( P.1 L. 10) and he focuses most on on the setting. The story starts out by informing the reader of how the weather the previous three weeks have been.“Three weeks of windless sun” ( p. 1 L. 3 ). As the narrator writes his story in third person we do not get the main characters name but he refers to her as “ she “ “she sits at her desk in the back room gazing out at the river” (P.1, L.6) . She spends the most of her time sitting in a room looking out of the window with the view out to the river. Her desire is to swim but she has a fear of

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