The Influence Of English Language In Anne Tyler's Vinegar Girl

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Manifestly, the play The Taming of The Shrew is about a common premise of courtship dealings and relationships; a broad theme that is envisioned by another progressive and ever-changing factor, that of the English language, and the revamps of newer artists. Generally, mirroring humanity is the need to link ourselves through art and historical accounts, and Shakespeare’s works are scaffolds of many modern renditions of the Shr., such as, the novel “Vinegar Girl” (2017) authored by Anne Tyler, and a comedic adaptation from BBC, Shakespeare RE-Told (2005 TV Episode). Subsequently, the Bard’s dramatic expression is unprecedented and at the same time coherent but overshadows any subsequent improvement or modernization attempts. However, the interpretations are vast and an homage for an artist that has had an enormous influence on the English language, which is commonly known today, and in varied artistic platforms. The Pulitzer Prize winning Tyler’s “Vinegar Girl,” is as a stand alone a well-written, and easy to read story. Conversely, hard to imagine the depths of characterization that Shakespeare bestowed on his original.…show more content…
Evidently, English culture and British English has never seen a transformation more pronounced and faster than it was in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and it was at this time, the British kingdom involved in all the cultural and social events of the Renaissance, when a properly literary language began to standardize (The British Library). The experts hardly agree on the subject, but indeed, it seems that the illustrious English author William Shakespeare, would have introduced between 1,700 and 2,200 words in the English

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