Analysis Of The Ted Talk Why Gender Equality, By Michael Kimmel

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In the Ted Talk Why gender equality is good for everyone- including men, The speaker Michael Kimmel talked about how he wants to recruit men to support gender equality. He acknowledged his experience being a white, straight, middle-class male and how his privilege has been invisible to him his whole life. He goes on to say how when talks to men about gender equality, for some the light bulb goes off but, then they feel the need to take it upon themselves to makes changes and to talk to women about their oppression. He talks about another group of men that work to actively resist gender equality and sees it as a bad thing for men. He also talks about men and their sense of entitlement, he goes as far as to give an example of when he was on a TV show to opposite of four white men, and the title of the show was "A Black Women Stole My Job". The men on the show told their stories of how they were qualified for jobs but were passed up and were angry because of it. These four men believed they were the victims of reverse discrimination in the workplace, when it was his turn to speak he had one question; why wasn 't the title of the show "A Black Women Got A Job?". He explained that without confronting men 's sense entitlement we will never be able to understand why so many men are so resistant to gender equality. For many generations, there has been there has nothing remotely close to gender equality in this patriarchal controlled society. Women were not even given the right

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