Pandora's Box Research Paper

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In a world full of curiosity, comes hope. In the myth of “Pandora and Pandora’s Box”, by Hesiod, the Greek God Zeus was angry with Prometheus (the creator of humanity). He gave humanity stolen fire from Zeus. This in turn, made the world of men suffer and punished. By doing so, him and other Gods created Pandora. Pandora, was a beautiful curse. Pandora, meaning “all-gifts”, was brought down by the Gods as a gift to Epimetheus, Prometheus 's brother. She had been the curse to the world of men. One of the Gods, Hephaestus, gave Pandora curiosity. This curiosity however, made Pandora do things she was told not to do. In this paper, I will show how one should not trust or obtain gifts from enemies effortlessly, curiosity can be a dangerous…show more content…
The same rule applies to receiving gifts from an enemy or someone who plans of getting revenge on you or humanity. In the myth, Prometheus warned his brother Epimetheus to not accept any gift from the Gods, especially from Zeus. Zeus intended on killing humanity, and knew exactly how he wanted to do it. Although, Prometheus warned his brother, Epimetheus still went on and ignored his brother’s orders. Prometheus knew that Zeus wanted to punish humanity, but did not know how he was going to do it exactly. Zeus and other Gods brang Pandora as a gift to Epimetheus. He told Epimetheus that Pandora is a gift from the Gods and will have her as his wife. Epimetheus, regardless of what his brother warned him, accepted the gift from the Gods and took her as his wife. Pandora was a gift to Epimtheus and the box that was given to Pandora was a gift as well. Both, Epimetheus and Pandora accepted gifts from the Gods and did not know that it was all a plan to destroy humanity. Zeus, gave Pandora a box full of the worst things humanity will ever encounter. The box and Pandora herself were two things that were bad things to accept as gifts. That goes to show that receiving gifts from enemies or anyone in general, can cause harm or complete chaos to the person receiving the gift and possibly
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