Analysis Of The Thin Grey Line By Marya Mannes

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In " The Thin Grey Line , " Marya Mannes says that the difference between right and wrong is becoming blurred . She wrote that today's society was losing its moral fiber . I agreed with many of the points that Mannes makes . One point I agree with was that the parents of today's children cross the " thin grey line " many times a day . When I was a child , my parents used to hide my brother and me on the floor of our Pinto . So we would not have to pay for us when we go to drive-in movies . And when I am too old for Kids ' Meal at McDonald's , they would lie and get me one anyway . As I grew older , these things do not seem wrong with me . I thought that as long as I didn't get caught there is nothing wrong . Mannes also wrote , " Your son's
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