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The Three Musketeers is the youth’s story who named D’Artagnan. The story begins the youth, D’Artagnan leaves his house to be a musketeer. When he arrived Meung located near Paris, he look for an inn. At the inn, he saw a stem-looking gentleman and other people seemed his friends. D’Artagnan also saw they are talking about him. So he listened to their talk and recognized they made him fool. So he drew his sword then the stem-looking man also drew his sword. They fight but the innkeeper and other people who seemed the stem-looking man’s friends also attack D’Artagnan and D’Artagnan was knocked to the ground. The Next day, he wake up and he recognized his letter which addressed to M. de Treville. He asked to the innkeeper about the stem-looking…show more content…
But his head hit Athos’s shoulder and he screamed for the pain. D’Artagnan said “Excuse me, but I’m in a hurry.” But Athos stopped him and scolded him for his bad manner. So Athos and D’Artagnan promised to meet at noon. After he began to find the man, he saw Porthos and the other musketeers. D’Artagnan thought that there is enough space to pass them. So he ran into the space, but the wind blew Porthos’s long cloak. So D’Artagnan saw Porthos’s belt, gold in front, was ordinary leather. He said about the belt frankly, Porthos scolded him and he promised to fight at 1p.m. After that, he saw Aramis’s handkerchief is on his foot, so he picked up his handkerchief. But, Aramis scolded him, so D’Artagnan recognized his mistake for his bad manner so he tried to say sorry again to Aramis, but still Aramis scolded him. So D’Artagnan got angry he made a date to fight against Aramis. At noon, he went to the place which will meet Athos, Athos lead him to Luxembourg. When they get there, D’Artagnan saw Aramis and Porthos, he surprised. Also they are surprised to see D’Artagnan. They told each other they were made a date to fight with him. After that, the three musketeers laughed. D’Artagnan told Porthos and Aramis that he was sorry if he could not fight them in case Athos killed him. Athos was a gentleman so he worried about killing a boy with no experience, but D’Artagnan answered that Athos was still wounded and so some…show more content…
D’Artagnan’s story is very interesting. While I read The Three Musketeers, I was in chaos because the stem-looking man and Jussac. At first, I thought the stem-looking man and Jussac is the same person. I recognized the two isn’t the same person after. When I recognized this, I was aghasted. I think ‘The Three Musketeers’ has three interesting portions. First, mentioned at the top, D’Artagnan’s first arrival at the inn of Meung. He met the stem-looking man first and not mentioned at the top, D’Artagnan also saw the beautiful lady named Milady. Second, D’Artagnan’s fights makes me to focus on the book. Each fights described well and based on fencing. Last, Milady and D’Artagnan’opposite relationship. When I read the story about Milady, I think she is very tenacious person. Because whatever she is in the situation, she attracted her background. Finally, she dead by her attracting attempts. Because of these, I think The Three Musketeers is really interesting

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