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Bharati Mukherjee is a writer of the expatriates who mentions that she is “writing about the here and now of America”. Her protagonists are Indians living abroad or Indians who have come back to their home after staying abroad. An upper-class Indian daughter comes home on a visit after seven years of staying abroad and a middle class Indian wife emigrating to the U.S with her engineer husband, who is in search of green pastures are the protagonist of Mukherjee’s earlier novels The Tiger’s Daughter (1972) and Wife (1975) respectively. Her protagonists are provided with certain characteristics abilities through which they are able to face and overcome the various experiences- traumatic etc. In an interview Mukherjee admitted that one issue that is of great significance to her is “… the finding of a new identity… the painful or exhilarating process of pulling yourself out of the culture that you were born into, and then replanting yourself in another culture” (16).

The Tiger’s Daughter is the story of Tara of a pampered daughter of a rich industrialist- who is “in search of the Indian dream” (Shinde 55) after seven years in the U.S. She is unable to get along with the culture back at Calcutta where she was born and brought up. She finds herself as an alien at home similar to that as she was abroad. Her second novel Wife deals with the experiences of Dimple Dasgupta both before and after marriage. A simple, ordinary to look at, middle class girl who lives on the notions

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