Analysis Of The Troubles By Seamus Heaney

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To convey the brutality and animosity of “The Troubles”, Seamus Heaney expressed his thought-provoking opinions in the form of poetry. His collection of poems called “North” specifically portray the violent and hatred of The Troubles during 1968 to 1998. The Troubles refer to the sectarian warfare and division between the United Kingdom and Ireland. During this time period, political infighting occurred and caused conflicts that eventually lead to a bloody and brutal war. The North collection utilises various historical context while also stylistically allude to the bygone era of the Vikings and the discovery of the bog bodies of the Northern Europe in order to emphasis the endless occurrence of brutality and violent events. Furthermore, the poems contain multiple stylistic devices that symbolically emphasize the natural aspects of life and death. Heaney symbolically expresses his thoughts and accepts the natural occurrence of mortality through certain poems such as “The Grauballe Man” and “Exposure”. All in all, the underlying purpose of Heaney’s poems is to portray his struggles to escape the ongoing brutality and violent in a society. Heaney utilises historical context in order to emphasize his understandings towards the inevitable death. In The Grauballe Man, the poet specifically illustrates the bog body that was discovered in Northern Europe. He describes the condition of the body and how well preserved it is. The structure of the Grauballe Man shifts throughout the

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