Reflection On The Tunnel Of Oppression

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The Tunnel of Oppression recognizes people who have endured oppression throughout society. One of the main goals of the Tunnel of Oppression is to shed a light on these issues in hope that action will be taken in the near future to combat these problems. There were five main tunnels that resemble the oppression certain groups face: classism, mental health, gender stereotypes, religious persecutions, and racism. The last tunnel featured a room of hope in which people can express their positive attitudes and provide alternative methods to change the oppression people deal with daily. Before entering the Tunnel of Oppression, I expected the tunnels to include historical facts of oppression throughout decades in other countries. Instead, the tunnels…show more content…
I am able to recognize their their mental illness and take it seriously, all while not discriminating the person. I believe if more people can change their behavior to act in a more thoughtful and accepting manner towards people with mental illnesses, then the stigmas will decline. In addition, I have always been taught and believed in the saying, “You never truly know what someone is going through.” This concept and this tunnel has continued to make me more aware of being sensitive and caring to everyone; people I have close relationships with and others who I may only associate with. Likewise, people need to stop seeing mental illnesses in a negative way. Instead, I believe people should look at mental illness in terms of another characteristic that the person encompasses, that makes him or her unique. I think once mental health stigmas are reduced, more people will seek professional help and people will be more aware of supporting those that are suffering from a mental illness. Hopefully with increased awareness, more professional help and institutionalizations will be offered in order to aid in the recovery of those with mental…show more content…
For those who were not aware of racism, this tunnel provides statistical data to support that racism occurs everyday, especially in the workplace and in law enforcement. Likewise, stereotypes of racism were portrayed in this tunnel in order to emphasize this issue. For instance, one of President Trump’s tweets associated increasing crime with the increasing number of African Americans and Hispanics. Our President’s tweet alone supports that there are ignorant, privileged people who do not see the importance of diminishing racism. As one can see, people affected by racism face oppression throughout their daily

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