Pros And Cons Of Fairy Tales

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The Twisted Side of Fairy Tales In this modern day and age, numerous animated and film adaptations of the classic fairy tales of renowned authors such as the Grimm brothers, Charles Perrault, and Hans Christian Andersen, to name a few, have fed our imaginations with wonder with its surreal and magical creations of their fantasy world where there is an absolute line between good and evil, right and wrong, and the protagonists and antagonists. To be fairly frank, we think that the modern retelling of those classic tales to children by the storybooks and through the media and film industry is detrimental to them in their perception of reality, in building up their self-image and the development of their absolutist view of good and evil. For several…show more content…
But the underlying problem that most people haven’t realized as they continue to enjoy those gems is if it really promotes an adequate portrayal in perceiving reality. What we’re trying to get at here is, if it is the kind of story that would provide realism and angle and not just to believe in the powers of the supernatural made-up world, or to rely in the epic one-sided battle of the righteous and immoral beings in a story. What’s more important to look for is if it provides a true perspective in reality where nothing could harm the child’s psyche and inquisitive nature as presented through the hidden agendas lying in between the lines of reading fairy tales. However, we’re not necessarily saying that the people who continue to read or watch fairy tales have an unfair disadvantage over the matter. It’s just that, if people don’t open their eyes and put a different viewpoint towards it, they would still continue to thrive with their minimalistic view of living life by just following the usual norms in society that’s full of do’s and don’ts and other restrictions. People should think-out-of-the-box and take great precautions especially the parents, to let their children separate reality from mere fantasy. Because, it should be the parents’ duty to open their children’s minds and say that life does not always have that “happily ever after” ending. That life…show more content…
Because children perceive a lot of things, they tend to believe that being beautiful should be like one of their favourite characters; the rosy cheeks, fair complexion, luxurious growth of hair, slender bodies, strong physiques, good-looking qualities and such. According to a study entitled "The Pervasiveness and Persistence of the Feminine Beauty Ideal in Children's Fairy Tales" which appeared in October's Gender & Society by Liz Grauerholz, an associate professor of sociology at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana and Lori Baker-Sperry, an assistant professor of women's studies at Western Illinois University stated in their academic
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