Analysis Of The Veldt By Ray Bradbury

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In “The Veldt” by Ray Bradbury, I think that George and Lydia are at fault. The parents bought a smart home and spoiled the kids. They let them use the nursery whenever Peter and Wendy wanted to. when they took away the nursery they threw a fit and screamed and yelled. I think that George and Lydia are to blame. early on in the story, the parents were telling the children that they were gonna turn off the house for some time. Wendy was still crying and Peter joined her again. "Just a moment, just one moment, just another moment of nursery," they wailed. "Oh, George," said the wife, "it can 't hurt. "All right - all right, if they 'll just shut up. One minute, mind you, and then off forever." earlier in the story we see this when the parents take away the nursery. the kids then, threw a fit and cried until they convince their parents into letting them use the nursery. Then they planned to they turned everything off for some time. . Later on in the story the parents were talking but it wasn 't too long after they let them go back into the nursery. "Did you leave them in the nursery?" "I wanted to dress too. Oh, that horrid Africa. What can they see in it?" "Well, in five minutes we 'll be on our way to Iowa. Lord, how did we ever get in this house? What prompted us to buy a nightmare?" I think that this is related to my claim, George and Lydia are at fault for their own death. it shows how they let them back in. they said what caused them to buy this horrid house. so it

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