Analysis Of The Veldt By Ray Bradbury

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Throughout the years technology has changed drastically. Technology started out as diminutive and then increased little by little. Many cultures around the globe are influenced by technology. In every aspect of technology, the world is influenced in superior and inferior ways which includes self-driving and the house featured in Ray Bradbury 's short story ¨The Veldt.¨ Ray Bradbury 's ¨The Veldt¨ is about a family of four a mother, father, and their two children (Bradbury). The mom and dad decide to buy a house called the Happylife Home which comes with a nursery for the children (Bradbury). This is not just an ordinary house. The Happylife Home is equipped with a feature that does everything that is required by the family, which includes cleaning, cooking, caring for the children Peter and Wendy, dressing, and bathing the family (Bradbury). Throughout the lives of the children, they use the nursery to escape reality. The children develop a sense of imagination within the nursery which helps them take their mind off of things. Whenever the family is busy, this feature serves a great deal of convenience for the family. Everyday tasks are less stressful and chaotic for the family because the Happylife Home has everything under control (Bradbury). The parents of the two children do not have to constantly worry about their children not being safe or taken care of. The Happylife Home may seem splendid for some, but that does not mean there aren’t any detriments to the house. The
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