Analysis Of The Witch Of The Blackbird

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This story 's Author: Elizabeth George Speare had been happily born on November 21st, 1908, in Molrose, Massachusetts. Though she sadly died in November 15th, 1994 one of the books she wrote in her life was The Witch of the Blackbird pond. The main character of the story is Kathrine but she goes by Kit, she is young and very wonderes girl with a rich grandpa. Only to lose both her wealth and her grandpa because of the death of her grandpa. She sadly had to move because of her grandpa 's death. Kit had to sell the property to move to America to live with relatives who thought she was just visiting. Kit had to leave her home by a boat called the Dolphin all the way to America. There the story begins with its main setting,being Wethersfield. The story begins with Kit, Kit is young and new to being so poor. Katharine 's life takes place in 1886,through some bad events: consequently also known as her grandpa 's death, and losing her wealth. Do to these events she moves to Wethersfield. Wethersfield has accordingly been a small Town in the middle of Connecticut.When Kit comes to so called "visit" the Wood 's, she breaks the news she is living with them. That is when the story takes a turn for the worst for Kit, Everyone in the house is so obviously stunned to know the news, all of them thought she was just visiting them till she finds a new home. Though, they were so majorly stunned to hear this news though questionable, everyone was happy except for Mr. Wood or also known as,
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