Analysis Of The Zodiac Killer

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In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, San Francisco and parts of the Bay Area faced one of the most mass unknown murders that is still unsolved until this day. The murder, who exemplified himself as the “Zodiac,” kept in contact with the police and area newspapers using notes, confirming that he has murdered yet another citizen. Although the police were never able to identify the zodiac, they were able to gather information about him through letters he was sending to the police and newspapers. The zodiac killed up to about 40 people, but the police is estimating about 50, therefore the amount of killings still remains unknown. The zodiac was very creative at his killings, so everytime the police thought they had gained knowledge on his strategies, Zodiac would change his ways and leave the police speechless. In this essay I will talk about the investigative techniques that was used to help identify the Zodiac killer.
Out of the several eyewitness of the Zodiac killer, most described him as being around 5’8 and having a real beefy build, weighing around 200 pounds. The eyewitnesses say he had short brown curly hair, and that he looked about 26-30 years old in 1969. In the taxicab shooting there was three teenage eyewitnesses who watched the shooting happen from their bedroom. The teenage girls said that he was wearing glasses that night. Whereas, in his other killings the witnesses said he did not have glasses. There are at least 8 descriptions of the zodiac out there but no

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