Analysis Of Thomas Kinkade's Oil Painting 'Sea Of Tranquility'

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Thomas Kinkade is a painter who infuses light into his paintings creating incredibly romantic and tranquil scenes. Kinkade’s oil painting “The Sea of Tranquility” is part of his collection of “Seaside Memories V” published in 1998. This painting was created in hope of people to remind themselves of how the way things once were or the way they could be. Many of Kinkade’s scenes of peace and nostalgia was painted based o family travels or memories. The medium of this art pies is oil on canvas, which gave the ability for “The Sea of Tranquility” to have a pictorial lighting that makes the image glow. This oil on canvas art piece is a beautiful scenery of a sunset over the sea and a lighthouse on a cliff to the far left of the painting. Next
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