Analysis Of Thomas Paine's Rights Of Man

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In the year 1791, political activist and author, Thomas Paine composed a novel called Rights of Man. In the book, Paine expresses his point of view on American society as perfection. He describes the United States as, “Made up, as it is, of people from different nations.” All throughout American history there are many things that make America the diverse nation we are today. America is recognized as the “great melting pot” implying that our country where contrasting cultures along with beliefs blend together to mold a distinctively American identity. We may be “one nation, under God” but, in my opinion, we will always be in an overstuffed pot that will never fully melt. Although the founding father’s opinion of America in Rights of Man is correct on the underlying facts of our country coming together as one nation, his characterization of America does not hold true today in modern society based on our current politics and social ideals. First, Thomas Paine claimed in his book, that the American government “is just.” In today’s society that is far from the truth. America’s political system thrives on corruption. Not a day goes by that corruption does not happen, we just sometimes do not hear about it. While Donald J. Trump has taken corruption to a whole new level, it did not begin with him. For instance, the stock market crash led to millions of people losing their jobs and even their homes. The economic crash was mostly due to the counterfeit system of the banks on Wall
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