Analysis Of Thomas Paine's Rights Of Man

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In the year 1791, political activist and author, Thomas Paine wrote a novel called Rights of Man. In the book, Paine expresses his views on American society as perfection. He describes the United States as, “Made up, as it is, of people from different nations.” All throughout American history there are many things that make America the diverse nation we are today. The United States of America is the place where individuals from all kinds of different cultures, religion, and race intertwine. We may be “one nation, under God” but, in my opinion, we will always be in an overstuffed pot that will never fully melt. Although the founding father’s opinion of America in Rights of Man is correct on the underlying facts of our country coming together as one nation, his characterization of America somewhat holds true today in modern society based on our current politics and social ideals. First, there is little doubt that the United States of America is an immigrant society. All of our ancestors were immigrants. Foreigners come to the United States in hope of a more sophisticated lifestyle for themselves and their family. This still happens every single day. They think that America is the supreme place to be for their family but in reality it is not. Our president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, as well as most of his supporters, do not want immigrants coming into our country period. President Trump wants to build a permanent wall separating America from Mexico. People
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