Analysis Of Three Moments Of An Explosion By China Miéville

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The word 'Weird ' means something supernatural or uncanny such as monster and magic from fantasy novel. Many novel writers such as Bram Stoker, and Mary Shelley, etc. made weird stories before 21 century. However, in these days, many people don 't think zombies, vampires, and ghost as a weird monster because these concepts have been used so many times in different novels. Because of that reason, people are making different weird things and the works make people surprised. How do we define new weird? It is hard to find the answer, but 'Three Moments of an Explosion ' by China Miéville shows the answer well.

'Three Moments of an Explosion ' by China Miéville, is a collection of stories that contains 28 fresh and new weird stories. In the book, some of stories like 'Three Moments of an Explosion ' are not story like novel, but descriptive story. Also, other stories like The Crawl and 'Escape ' are plots for video. There are a few examples of stories that explains new
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Miéville shows the zombie apocalypse in a different way in 'The Crawl. ' The story looks scenario version for movie trailer that explain what happens in each scenes. One of the scenes shows that two zombies kiss each other behind the violent fighting between human and zombies. Also another scene shows that the zombies do not use their feet, but hands and knuckles like humans raised by spiders. It makes the stories weird because Miéville changes the way of zombies ' characteristic that zombies supposed to run with their feet and not feel emotion.

Another story, 'Estate ' shows the story about animals that attack everything on the city. In the story, it starts with the animal terror, and the stags has burning antlers, but it does not tell the truth that why it happens. After this happening, some people act weird like Dan, who frequently carries burning stags. These things make the story weird because of the mysterious of the incident and the way that the animals
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