Analysis Of Three Reasons College Still Matters By Andrew Delbanco

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“3 Reasons College Still Matters” by Andrew Delbanco 3) “Surely, every American college ought to defend this waning possibility, whatever we call it. And an American college is only true to itself when it opens its doors to all - the rich, the middle, and the poor - who have the capacity to embrace the precious chance to think and reflect before life engulfs them. If we are all serious about democracy, that means everyone.” 4) In this part of the writing Andrew Delbanco tries to persuade his audience by using the pattern of logic that agrees with the overall argument but also considers another striking point of view to strengthen the argument (While these arguments are convincing, they must also consider…). He is agreeing with the overall argument that college is very important and that those who dream and want to further their education should have the right to. Regardless of the many obstacles such …show more content…

He uses this pattern of logic in this piece by observing that every American college is most likely going to defend and state that a college education is one of the most important achievement in a person’s lifetime. A college education will help them earn more economically, it will help them become an informed citizen, and to be more curious about the world through knowledge. However, Delbanco also makes a point by saying that the college education system will only improve if it is fair toward all different kinds of people. The argument is convincing how college still matter, but it will only truly be the best once it throws away all of the discrimination and includes anyone who seeks to pursue an education. Delbanco shows that the arguments are convincing but have failed to consider how discrimination in democracy still

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