Analysis Of Ticket To The Fair By David Foster Wallace

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The people around us and our surroundings shouldn’t change who we are because we all have our own personalities and our own ways of doing things. David Foster Wallace, author of “Ticket to the Fair,” grew up a couple of hours from down state Springfield but moved to the east coast is writing a articles on the Illinois state fair. As he goes through the days of the fair he realizes thing are different from the East Coast, and that the people are not what he expected. The way people treat David makes him act different toward people. “Lacking a real journalist’s killer instinct, I’ve been jostled way to the back, and my view is observed by the towering hair of Ms. Illinois country fair, whose function here is unclear.” David was a journalist and the people at the fair really didn’t treat David right. They treated him as if he wasn’t important. David’s reaction to this was to act rudely to others but David knew that it wasn’t intentional toward him and that he needed to realize that.…show more content…
“Walking aimlessly. Sea of fair going flesh, plodding, elbowing, looking, still eating. They stand placidly in long lines. No East Coast games of Beat the Crowd. Midwesterners lack a certain public cunning. No one gets impatient. Don’t the fairgoers mind the crowds, lines, noise.” (“Ticket to the Fair”) This is part of David’s article that explains that Illinois is different than the East Coast. The people were nice, and they had lots of patience; David wasn’t used to that, so it was different for
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