Analysis Of Tim Burton's Film Style

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Tim Burton’s distinct style became evident in his very first films and stayed clear in his later film, while the plot of Burton’s films vary greatly his style stays pronounced. This can be seen across his many movies from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Edward Scissorhands, “Vincent”, and “Frankenweenie”. In all of these films his distinct style is developed through the use of a strong contrast of high and low key lighting to show contrast between characters and circumstances, a recurring motif of mobs antagonizing the antagonist, and the frequent use of shot reverse shots to show the development of the relationship between the outsider and the people on the inside. With the use of a contrast between high and low-key lighting, a recurring mob motif, and the use of shot-reverse-shots Tim Burton develops his hopelessly bleak style. One of the most evident cinematic techniques that Tim Burton uses to develop his hopelessly bleak style is the use of a strong contrast of high and low-key lighting or colors. Tim Burton 's use of this helps show the contrast of the insider and outsider world. When the viewer is watching they get a sense of suspense and start to second guess whether or not they should trust the outsider. In Edward Scissorhands Burton uses a high-key low-key light contrast when Peg is in her car and sees Edward 's house in her side mirror. When the viewers are watching they get a frightened sense and wonder whether or not Edward or whomever is in the house will
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