Analysis Of Tim Burton's Writing Style

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Tim Burton has directed at least 36 movies in his lifetime, so far. For our study of his style, we choose two of his more well known movies, Edward Scissorhands and Alice in Wonderland. While watching these movies we discovered a lot about Tim Burton 's writing style. Tim Burton 's style is odd, mysterious, and malleable which he displays using types of sound, color saturation, and camera movement. Tim Burton’s use of non-diegetic sound in movies greatly contributes to his overall tone and mood. An example is the starting credits of Alice in Wonderland, where the music is mysterious and suspenseful. It is meant to make you feel like something big and magical is coming, but you don 't know what. The music foreshadows the entire movie in these couple starting seconds and helps with the mystery of sort of, but not really, knowing what will happen. Music during the movie also helps set the tone and mood of the individual scene. Tim Burton usually stays away from music in the scenes, unless the scene is very emotional. For instance, when Kim goes outside before the Christmas party to find Edward, she sees him carving an ice angel. The ice shavings he discarded floated around and turn into snow, and she starts to dance in it. The sound of angels singing comes in softly, getting louder and louder until it drowns out everything else. The song in this scene shows that while he can be odd and mysterious, he can write sweet scenes, too. It’s an example of his styles malleable
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