Titanic By David R Slavitt

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“Titanic” Essay
“Titanic” by David R Slavitt. Slavitt wrote about a horrible tragedy that happened a while ago to show us a universal truth about humans. “Titanic” shows how regular people strive to be famous to bury down the truth that we all die and can’t escape it. People on the actual Titanic, died but they were remembered for how big it was so “if they sold passage who wouldn 't buy” because no one is really remembered all all around the world. The reason why I realised the theme was how everyone dies and we can’t run away from it was because of the shifts and the attitude of “Titanic”.
Slavitt shifts around Stanza 2, where he mentioned death. “To go down… we all go down, mostly alone” has a lot of connotations to it. To “go down”
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