Analysis Of To Pimp A Butterly Album By Kendrick Lamar

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Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterly album was a cultural phenomenon that gave Americans a look into the dark and ambiguous area of America known as the hood. This was the number 1 charting album of 2015 and gave the country an entirely different perspective on Kendrick Lamar and how he grew up. The album cover was a very controversial perspective into black America at the time that helped to visualize the direction that Lamar was headed when creating his album. Music listeners across the country were presented with this new and unique visual. The powerful imagery and symbolical content of this album cover depict a raw perspective into the presentation of African-Americans in the hood, their stance on power, and America in general.
This album cover paints a picture of grimy individuals coming to commandeer an otherwise pristine political location. Kendrick Lamar hails from south Los Angeles and is a close affiliate of the Piru Bloods. Growing up, Lamar was constantly surrounded by violence and murder. This album cover depicts several of his Piru friends shirtless with just the bare necessities. These were often what was worn and needed in the hoods of South LA just to …show more content…

Since the start of the United States in 1776, only one black man has ever been in charge of the United States. The men who have made it into this picture can tell you that by just the smiles on their faces. This album cover speaks about the millions of others like them that have longed to have the power within the White House and America. One of the first things that the audience notices are that each man is holding a stack of money in their hands. Similar to how the White House is a sign of power in America, money is a symbol of power in American hoods. Each member of the photo is making it known that they have had power in their hood and they are ready and happy to have power in

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