Masculinity In Tough Guise II

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“Are you a girl?”, “Do not be such a wimp”, “Be a man”; have you ever heard these words uttered to you at least once in your life? Probably not if you are a girl, most definitely yes if you are a boy. As a boy grows up and enters the journey of his life, phrases that question masculinity and discarding femininity are common everyday phrases in boys’ lives. Stereotype remarks which nurture the concept of a “Man” that people know of; toxic words that come out from people’s mouth without even realizing how dangerous it is. This paper is written mainly from a man’s perspective, adhering to the concept of manliness and male role belief system being talked in the film Tough Guise II. Tough Guise II is an educational film which discusses about the…show more content…
How they know such difficult words are a different matter and will be discussed in later paragraphs, however the fact stands that masculinity is often correlated with economic power which is linked quite directly as a result of capitalism. Everyone is pursuing American dream where the limit of one’s wealth is the limit of one’s ability to earn it, and in a capitalist society, this is basically one of the core motions of its people. Liberty also plays a role in defining masculinity. It could be understood that womanizer is one of the traits of men by interpreting it as a way for a man to express freedom. Being able to choose any and as much women as you want also linked to power which is also considered as one of the most important traits of being a man. Dominance and superiority against women have been linked as rudimentary, especially in society who adapts the teachings of…show more content…
Aside from misogymy, men are also expected to be: less talkative, less social, less expressive, brave, aggressive, physically built, strong, and many others. What is important from these values are how they are all the opposites from how women are supposed to act, thus giving a gender based role predictions. These gender differentiations are toxic in each of its underlying gender, however this paper is only going to discuss about how it affects the male side. All of these are stereotypes which are being imposed by society on us and strengthened as role differentiation gets into play in later parts of a boy’s life. The socialization of these values are not only being given directly from each of the boys’ parents, but also learned from interacting with their peers, and even bigger yet, medias. Manhood is also linked deeply to ads and movies especially because they are being based to from and for our own behavior. This makes boys trapped in a masculinity circle. The society defines their role which in turn becomes predictions for them. The stereotypes about how men should act affects on how a boy should act, even though as a child they were given more freedom on how they want to present and express
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