Analysis Of Trifles By Susan Glaspell

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“We are spirit soul, we have been encaged within this body, so our natural aspiration is to get freedom from this encagement. As much as the bird is struggling to get freedom from the cage.”-Bhagavad-Gita 2.25. In Susan Glaspell’s “Trifles,” the bird (Canary) symbolizes Mrs. Wright, or how she used to be known as Minnie Foster and the birdcage represents her and Mr. Wright’s marriage. “Trifles” is about Mr. Wright’s mysterious death in his own home, and the only suspect in his murder is his wife, Mrs. Wright. The Court Attorney, and some other males from the town, is investing the case to see if they could find any clues and motive in the case. The ladies of the town, Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters find a bird that has been strangled to death just like Mr. Wright. The bird was Mrs. Wright’s pet and canary, used to sing just like Mrs. Wright used to sing before she got married to John Wright. Mrs. Hale states to Mrs. Peter: “I heard she used to wear pretty clothes and be lively, when she was Minnie Foster, one of the town girls singing in the choir. But that-oh, that was thirty years ago” (Glaspell 1042). Minnie and the bird are the same person in heart and spirit. Minnie used to sing in the choir just like a songbird, “pretty clothes” means the feathers of the bird, and “be lively” like how birds are when they are free. Furthermore, Mrs. Hale also said, “…she was kind of a bird herself – real sweet and pretty, but kind of timid and - fluttery” (Glaspell 1044). Reader can clearly
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