Feminism In Trifles

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Throughout the story of Trifles Susan Glaspell gave hints to the reader that the story was not as it seemed, although it takes almost until the end of the story to understand what is going on it is known from the beginning that Mrs.Wright killed her husband, but the entire investigation is about finding why she killed him. To understand why she did this the reader must know what it was like for women when Susan Glaspell wrote the story. When this story was written, it was during a time when women did not have many rights all of the small things in their lives were the pertinent objects that they held close to their hearts. Throughout this story the reader has to look deep into the story to find out why she did it, in the end the reader realizes that she makes small mistakes that leads to only women of her time understanding those mistakes.…show more content…
When the fellow housewives probing around the house of John and Minnie Wright they saw the small things that showed that she was distressed, for example when they saw that the quilt that she had been working on at the time was poorly knotted they took the time to correct the quilting, and when they saw that Minnie’s bird was wrapped in silk and held in a beautiful embellished box they realized why she killed her husband. Although Mrs.Peters is the wife to the sherrif she hides what she finds in the Wright’s home because she can relate to what Minnie was going through. So although when Minnie went to court she presumably sat in front of a jury filled with men she had justice through other women understanding her troubles when it counted.
Throughout the story the main idea is to find what was the motive of Minnie Wright to kill her husband, although this story will not just come out and blatantly state the reason, it shows the audience through showing the gender roles of the time and what they meant to the women. The reader comes to realize that Minnie murdered her husband due to something as insignificant and petulant as a small bird -well that is how the men saw the situation. After
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