Troy Maxon Character Analysis

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Hesler Garcia 3/7/18 Mr. Amoroso English 10H 3. Troy Maxon is a paternal figure in Fences. Troy is a responsible black man. However his responsibility leads him to be a selfish person. The book states “Troy: It’s my job. It’s my responsibility!... A man gotta take care of his family… not ‘cause I like you! Cause it’s my duty to take care of you. I owe a responsibility to you!” ( Fences page 38). Troy shows his authority and strength as a parent when his son Cory asked him why he never showed affection towards him. Troy shows responsibility by telling Cory he is living under his house because it’s his job as a parent not because he has to like him. Rose arguably tells Troy he has done the right thing with Gabe’s money, the book states “Rose:…show more content…
Troy did this to teach Cory to be responsible with his duties. “Troy: He’s alive. He’s healthy. He’s got to make his own way… Ain’t nobody gonna hold his hand when he get out there in that world.” ( Fences page 39). When Rose and Troy are talking about Cory, Rose says all Cory wants is for him to say “Good job, son.” Troy responds by saying that nobody is going to help Cory in the real world. Cory needs to be independent and make his own way. Troy throughout the book also used baseball to teach Cory lessons. Everytime Cory did something wrong Troy would let him know he had “striked”. In the end of the book Troy gets into a fight with Cory. That fight was Cory’s last strike. He was kicked out the house; he has to go make something of his life on his own. 7. Rose is a housewife. She doesn’t work but cooks and takes care of her family. In the play Rose is a role model and with that she has to sacrifice some things. Fences states “Rose: I took all my feelings, my wants. and needs, my dreams… and I buried them inside you.” ( Fences page 71). When Troy told her he had cheated on her she responded by saying she had to hold on to her feelings and needs for him. “Rose: I’ll take care of your baby for you… from right

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