Analysis Of True Love Without A Kiss

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Kathy’s Dream

of Poetry


by Viola Kathleen Bates True Love Without A Kiss

A dream of sitting, under a rainbow.
With the one I hold so dear. When I look into his eyes, I feel so safe and secure.
From the gaze heís giving me, I can feel his love staring back. To be in love with someone, whom youíve never kissed, is simply something else Best friends, someone to talk to, and oh he looks so good. His body is muscular, arms and legs. Itís as if God made him especially for me. Even though I never thought it would be. True, until I had a dream and there he was standing at my door right before my eyes.
Speechless, astonished and amazed.
For then, I didnít know what to do.
For in this man, my dream was coming true. It was like a rainbow, the colors and goodness automatically shining through. To show the love that glows inside me, when he walks into a room. Someday, somehow, someway, we will have a kiss, that will last, for hearts forever more. But until then, I will be waiting as a friend. My love for you will never end. My future foretold, of us making love, so mysterious, and yet so unique. Fore we touched, you loved it, when our hearts joined as one.
People can see the chemistry between the two of us. Yet, we deny ourselves and pull away. And still our friend- ship is there to stay. I would do anything for you, for the love inside of me is true. I think about you all the time. And itís a feeling, I canít explain. How will I feel, so pure like the blood running through my
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