Analysis Of Truman Capote's A Christmas Memory

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Truman Capote’s short story, A Christmas Memory, was published in 1956. The story is based in a small rural southern town located in Alabama. Truman wrote the short story as an autobiography of his childhood all the way until he was ten. A Christmas Memory, follows a young seven-year-old child, “Buddy” and his distant sixty-year-old cousin; whose name is not mentioned. As far as Buddy knows, he has grown up in this house hold that contains a group of different relatives, including his sixty-year-old best friend. Throughout the story the two face many hardships such as the lack of money and love from family. The two spend countless months saving their money up for a charitable act they do. Every year around Christmas time the two spend multiple days gathering items to make fruitcakes. They then hand out these delicious desserts to friends and strangers that pass through. During this time in the 1920’s a new prohibition had been placed into effect. (Anderson, pg.1)…show more content…
(Capote, pg.1) To make these fruit cakes they needed a few ingredients which included: flour, whiskey, and fruit. Obtaining all of the ingredients was easy except for the whiskey. Since it was the 1920’s it was illegal to obtain alcohol, but Buddy knew there was a way around it. A man by the name of Mr. Haha manufactured whiskey and sold it for about two dollars. Mr. Haha sold his whiskey out of his restaurant which was located in the woods near a water way. This allowed for him to do so without getting caught. If it wasn’t for the ban, he probably would be selling it on the side of the road rather than hiding. When Buddy and his friend went to buy the alcohol they made sure no one was around. If there had been a person around there that would possibly tell than they could have been arrested and fined a lot of money. Once Buddy gathered the whiskey they went back to the house and started baking their famous
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